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Suvenirs stands for the precious memories that you keep. During Susanne’s traveling through Indonesia, she became inspired by the colourful woolknots that the laundrystores attatched to her garments. When she takes a garment out of her closet and she sees the woolknot, she gets reminded of her beautiful travels. Everytime a small moment of happines with her through time most precious garments


in each piece that susanne produces for her label suvenirs, she makes a little knot. This knot leaves a memorie of craftmanship, and love that susanne puts in the piece for the wearer. The high quality standard, the  upcycling materials and the timeless, creative and comfortable style that Susanne persieves will make a sustainable piece that the wearer will love for a long time. 


Next to the Suvenirs label, Susanne loves to share her knowledge about sewing and fashion design.  The Cut&Sew lessons, and the Fashion design course will bring a new dimension of suvenirs to her students and herself. 

Meet Susanne


Hi, my name is Susanne Venbrux. I live in Arnhem, the Netherlands with my boyfriend and our cat Noah. I studied Fashion at the art academie Artez in Arnhem. After graduation i decided to stay in Arnhem because i love the small city vibe, and the nature surrounding. 

want to create items that you will love as much as I do. To feel the craftmanship, the comfortable style and the personal touch. So you will cherish your items for a long time and make a lot of memories in them.

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suvenirs is based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Ask us anything: info@suvenirs.nl